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How many of you have met people that actually work for Carrefour?

We can tell you that they are proud and confident people that always claim "we work for the world's leader in Hypermarkets."

Joining Carrefour is definitely a great way to start or boost one's career.

As one of the region's top employers, Carrefour offers a wide range of benefits and opportunities.

 Current Vacancies
Now the group is expanding its investment in Egypt by opening more Hypermarkets in Cairo and Alexandria. Therefore the group is seeking to hire Candidates in the following areas:
Commercial Division
  MR01Fresh Food Department Head
  MR02Bakery / Pastry Section Manager
  MR04Bakery Staff
  MR06Butchery Section Manager
  MR08Butchery Staff
  MR09Fishery Section Manager
  MR11Fishery Staff
  MR12Dairy Prod. Section Manager
  MR15Fruits & Vegetables Section Manager
  MR17Fruits & Vegetables Staff
  MR18Delicatessen Section Manager
  MR20Delicatessen Sale Staff
  • FMCG
  CG01FMCG Department Head
  CG02Beverage Section Manager
  CG04Beverage Staff
  CG05DPH Section Manager
  CG07DPH Staff
  CG08Dry Food Section Manager
  CG10Dry Food Staff
  CG11OPSS Section Manager
  • LHH Light House Hold
  LHH01Light House Hold Department Head
  LHH02Toys & Sports Section Manager
  LHH05Car & Gard Luggage Section Manager
  LHH08House wear & Equipment Section Manager
  LHH11Stationary & Library Section Manager
  • HHH Heavy House Hold
  HHH01Heavy House Hold Department Head
  HHH02Appliances & Goods Section Manager
  HHH05Office Automation Section Manager
  HHH07Office Automation Staff
  HHH08T.V. & Hifi Sound Section Manager
  HHH10T.V & Hifi Sound Staff
  TEX01Textile Department Head
  TEX02Shoes Home Linen Section Manager
  TEX05Baby & Children Section Manager
  TEX08Men & Ladies Section Mgr
Services Division
  • IT
  IT01Web Developer
  • HR
  • Finance
  FN01Financial Manager
  • Cashiers
  EX-CCOMCCO Manager
  • Maintenance
  MN01Maintenance Manager

 Future Vacancies
If nothing of the above mentioned currently required positions meets your qualifications, please send your CV to any of the following Positions to be added to our Database for future needs:
Commercial Division
  MR03Bakery / Pastry Supervisor
  MR05 Pastry Staff
  MR07Butchery Supervisor
  MR10Fishery Supervisor
  MR13Dairy Prod. Supervisor
  MR14Dairy Prod. Staff
  MR19Delicatessen Supervisor
  • FMCG
  CG03Beverage Supervisor
  CG06DPH Supervisor
  CG09Dry Food Supervisor
  CG12OPSS Supervisor
  CG13OPSS Staff
  • LHH Light House Hold
  LHH03Toys & Sports Supervisor
  LHH04Toys & Sports Staff
  LHH06Car & Gard Luggage Supervisor
  LHH07Car & Gard Luggage Staff
  LHH09House wear & Equipment Supervisor
  LHH10House wear & Equipment Staff
  LHH12Stationary & Library Supervisor
  LHH13Stationary & Library Staff
  • HHH Heavy House Hold
  HHH03Appliances & Goods Supervisor
  HHH04Appliances & Goods Staff
  HHH06Office Automation Supervisor
  HHH09T.V. & Hifi Sound Supervisor
  HHH12Music Supervisor
  HHH13Music Staff
  TEX03Shoes Home Linen Supervisor
  TEX04Shoes Home Linen Staff
  TEX06Baby & Children Supervisor
  TEX07Baby & Children Staff
  TEX09Men & Ladies Supervisor
  TEX10Men & Ladies Staff
Services Division
  • HR
  HR02HR Supervisor
  HR03HR Clerk
  • Finance
  FN02Treasury Manager
  FN03Tax Manager
  FN04Accounting Clerk
  • other services
  ADM06Executive Secretary
  • Cashiers
  • Decoration
  DEC01Decoration Manager

General qualifications:
• Ability to work under pressure.
• University degree and/or professional qualifications.
• Fluent English and computer skills are MUST.
• Preferably experience in RETAIL.
• Strong negotiation, communication and leadership skills.

We Offer:
• Transportation• Private Medical Insurance• Group Life Insurance
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